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Our 2016 wine is a beautiful expression of a classic Napa Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine's Rutherford fruit provides the base for a powerful structure that includes hints of smoke and chocolate on the front and mid palate. The acidity and tannins tantalize the tongue as the Mt. Veeder fruit begins to ignite the back palate with a slight raspberry flavor. The balanced velvety finish lingers to provide perfect closure for this beautiful bouquet! The '16 Cab is a full-bodied wine that allows you to enjoy its flavor long after the first drop has kissed your lips – or the last glass has been poured.

The wine can be laid down for 7 to 10 years comfortably. As time passes, we will taste the vintage and add updates to the site and/or emails. If it’s time to begin enjoying a bottle of Hensley now, an hour of decanting will certainly help the wine’s flavors to open up to the palate.

There are many ways to enjoy our wine, and every memory created when shared with family and friends is precious and lasting. We're thrilled to be part of your tasting experience and honored to bring you a steady legacy of the best wines we love to drink.

Pop, Clink, Cheers!